A spoonful of sweet: Greek grape compote on creamy yogurt. The perfect pair for a simple & delicious treat.

"N e, ne, ne!" The called owner of the restaurants nods emphatically and gesticulates wildly with her hands. "Only pigeons, sugar and a little bit of lemon" is spontaneously translated for me, "that's all it is. We call it "a spoonful of sweets" - it's easy ". She looks at me brightly and nods well, as well as the last remnant of the fantastic dessert of grape compote with yogurt disappears in me. When she sees that my plate is empty, she disappears happily inside the restaurant again.

We are sitting on the harbor promenade of Tinos Choura - the capital of the small, relatively unknown Cycladic island - during a press trip. And as always, the meal announced as a "little dinner" was more than sumptuous: after a fantastic salad with the island goat cheese, artichokes, green leaf salad, capers and tomatoes followed by lukewarm stuffed tomatoes, baked Stockfischküchlein and noodles with strong tiniotic sausage. In addition there was also delicious fresh bread and a yoghurt dip with dill. At the latest after the Stockfisch I was already beyond Eden and had to loosen the belt of my skirt inconspicuously. But because they were so delicious, the noodles went in too. And then the dessert came.

White, shimmering mountains of creamy Greek yoghurt ... topped with a golden-sprinkling sweet compote. Oh Lord! Ok, but only a spoon - out of courtesy, ne (I swore). 5 minutes later the plate was empty. And I had the recipe in my pocket.

"A spoonful of sweets" can be made from very different fruits. At harvest time they are boiled in caramelized sugar syrup in storage jars and then the rest of the year with a clean (!) Spoon from the glass fished. A spoonful of sweets tastes great with coffee, on yoghurt, with biscuits or for absolute cats.

I find the version with grapes and lemon as well as a hint of cinnamon and lemon in Greek yoghurt simply irresistible! Incidentally, the Greek grape compote is very easy to do in about 15 minutes. However, there are two, three crucial little hints on how to avoid unpleasant surprises and get a fantastic glass of delicious grapes in syrup. I have e.g. an etna sugar volcanic eruption involuntarily tried out in my kitchen for you - on Facebook you can examine the kitchen disaster in picture and sound. You are now well prepared with the tips below and can conjure up your grape dream compote unproblematically.

Have it tasty!

Das Recipe for "A Spoon of Sweet" - Greek Grape Compote on Creamy Yogurt

Ingredients for a Mason jar (about 750 ml):

500 g of green, seedless grapes
250 g of sugar
80 ml of water and juice 1/2 lemon and 1 knife tip Cinnamon
1 pinch of ground vanilla

150 g of Greek yogurt (10% fat) per person

And this is how it works:

Pull the grapes from the stems, wash and dab until they are completely dry again. (Let the top dry overnight.)

In a medium saucepan, bring the sugar to a boil with water and lemon juice. Simmer until the syrup thickens and turns brown.


The recipe is very simple - but you should keep an eye out for the pot. Even if it seems in the beginning, as would happen for a long time nothing, the sugar syrup can suddenly burn in a short time and ruin pots. (Yes, I tried it.)

The fruits should be very dry when they come into the hot sugar syrup, because otherwise the sugar crystallizes out and the fruits stick together. But if that happens, it's not a broken leg: just keep simmering until the sugar dissolves again.

The sugar can foam up a lot during cooking - so use a sufficiently large pot that still has something to eat. " Air is up.

The syrup is just right if you're worried that it's about to burn. The color should be amber or cognac. The constancy is optimal if you put a small drop of syrup on a cold saucer and it remains almost as a bead.

If you want your Greek yogurt to be particularly authentic, leave it in a fine sieve with cheesecloth a bowl in the refrigerator one night. So it is very dense and creamy. I'm usually too impatient for that - that's why my yoghurt in the pictures is a bit smoother.

To enjoy your grapes for a long time, always take a clean, unused spoon to fish them out of the jar. The grapes last for at least 1 year (but only a few days for us).